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Virtual PCs Toledo OH

About Virtual PCs

Repairing ComputersCommitted to Serving Your Computer Needs

We strive to meet and surpass our customer’s expectations through our commitment to quality and rapid service. We will provide our customers with the correct and prompt solution to any computer need or problem that may arise.

We are always working to provide each and every one of our customers with personalized attention, beginning with pre-sale consulting and extending to PC products that are custom-built to meet the unique needs of every individual customer. The “big box stores” cannot compete with our vast product knowledge, professionalism, unbeatable warranty/return policy, and specialty items unavailable through most retailers.


“Very reasonable and within my budget. They’ll be my go-to from now on. Appreciate their professionalism. Great experience.”
Andrea S.
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Received Best Rated 2019

“Virtual PC’s was very helpful and knowledgeable about computers. They have great technicians and are always there when I need them.”
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Our Services

Virus Management

Managed Anti-virus


Virtual PC's techs run daily scans on your computer and will get alerted the instant any sort of infection may occur so the issue can be handled before a serious issue starts.

Remove Virus

Virus Cleanup


Identifying and removing adware, malware, rootkits and all other malicious pieces of software such as keyloggers & unwanted remote control programs.

Advanced Diagonostic

Advanced Diagnostic


Full computer testing. Check for: failing RAM & bad RAM, power supply, Hard drives for failing, optical drive opens & works with CDs & DVDs, test built in and external speakers, all drivers, adware & malware.

Broken Screen

Laptop Screen Replacement


Replacement of cracked or blurry screens with a new screen.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Hard Drive Upgrade


An upgrade from a standard hard drive to a speedier solid state drive will increase the speed of the computer by double. Transfer of all documents, pictures, settings and programs.

Unlock Password

Password Unlock


Unlock or change a forgotten computer password.

See our page of Additional Services which also includes the Electronics that we can Recycle for you.

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    Personalized and professional Computer Repair and Services.

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    Corner of Secor & Alexis
    3265 W. Alexis Rd
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    Toledo, Ohio 43613

    Virtual PCs Toledo Oh

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