Running a business can be an expensive adventure. So, finding free methods for doing some business jobs always appears to be attractive. But using free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL can have major downsides and hurt your business.

Consider this situation; you’ve pulled into a parking lot and see a logo on the back window of the car next to you, it says, “Mary’s Bakery, marysbakeryplace@” Does Mary have a website? You go online to search and find several states have a bakery named Mary. The search can become tedious to find the right location and hours for the bakery near you unless you email this Mary and ask for the bakery address.

Use Your Domain Name for Your Business Email Address

Avoid making potential customers do a Google search for your business and possibly end up on a competitor’s site. Using your business domain name for email will give you an address that reads something like “” If you already have a website, check with your hosting company, many of them provide free email accounts for the domain name.

  • This gives you the ability to set up department email address such as,,
  • This also gives you the ability to set up individual email addresses for employees, such as, or
  • Even very small businesses will look more professional with these domain email addresses. First impressions matter, the public will look at your business seriously.
  • Email is part of your branding. Using a domain email address keeps your brand clean and organized.
  • Domain email also centralizes your email addresses and will give your business more control over the user email accounts since because you can manage them in one main location.
Your Business Doesn’t Have a Website Yet

In today’s world, every brick and mortar business should have a website, even if it’s just a page or two. Phone-books and Yellow Pages are a thing of the past. People expect you to have an online presence. But, if you don’t have a website yet, you can still get a business domain name and start using the domain name email account immediately and build the website later. Check out:

You Don’t Like the Website Hosting Email or Hosting Doesn’t Supply Email

It is possible that you’ve landed with a hosting account that does not supply email for your domain name. Or maybe you absolutely hate the email account supplied to you by your host. Options are available for this situation as well. You can set up your domain email with one of the following providers:

Conclusion: Professional Business Email is the Best Idea

Establish your business as trustworthy and maintain a consistent brand by using a domain name email address. Having a professional email address will help ensure your business is well represented to the public and can even encourage customer loyalty.