When talking about graphics cards, AMD is considered one of the best and by some as the best graphics card and processor manufacturer in the world. Competitive to Nvidia, AMD produces similar but less expensive products to go easy on the pockets of gamers with a tight budget.

With the successful release of AMD rx560 4gb Sapphire Edition, comes the beast of a GPU; the 8Gb Radeon Rx580 8gb edition. The rx580 is a very powerful GPU fitted with VR capabilities and gives you the ability to play all games on Ultra-high graphics.

With the promise of delivering you the smoothest FPS and support of AMD’s Adrenalin software, you are promised with one of the best experiences in terms of graphics and smoothness.

Technical Stuff:

It is based on 36 Computer units and a base frequency of 1257 MHz that can be boosted up to 1340 MHz. The Max Radeon 580 Graphics CardPerformance can reach up to 6.2 TFLOPs, and it consists of 2304 Stream processors. Texture Units are 144, which means it can easily withstand high textured games and video editing. The GDDR5 supporting 256-bit Memory interface has a maximum memory bandwidth of 256 GB/s.


The 8Gb Rx580 Radeon can easily support 4k through HDMI, and it comes with a VR support as the future of gaming lies in VR making it the best, affordable and high-performance graphics card perfect for future games as well.
It comes with triple HDR port, single HDMI and a DL-DVI-D port that helps in connecting multiple monitors as well. It is made up of black aluminum body and composed of two fans keeping it cool and not overheat under stress, which was a commonly reported problem with AMD cards.


580 Graphics CardAMD has always been a savior to the gamers with a budget, and Rx580 8Gb provides you with the best features of a high-end graphic at a very low rate. The only complaint with AMD products in the past has been overheating of the graphics card, but now they have improved drastically and made a card with high-end graphics and performance at a very low rate.

This graphics card easily supports high fps with high graphics, unlike other cards that start lagging when you hit ultra-high graphics. The 8GB GDDR5 and two fans are very big plus points for this card as the next big thing for future gaming.

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